STUNNERS chapter 1

Adam was just adjusting his clothes and checking himself in the bedroom mirror, raising an eyebrow at himself in admiration, he ran his fingers through his perfectly cut blond hair and smiled.

‘Beautiful narcissus’ said Angel his beloved twin sister as she came up behind him.

‘ Irene’s hideous taste in decor doesn’t distract from your beauty’ she purred in his ear before she kissed him, Her own blond locks tumbling voluptuously into his face.

‘ Don’t pick on my baby girl … besides, I like her style. Its understated… simple’ he said grabbing her and smacking her bottom.

‘Like her then ? ‘ she sneered rolling her eyes and wiggling free, she ruffled his hair before sauntering out the room naked. He leered at her for a moment. Taking in her ripe, yet slender body. Warm like a peach in the soft light of Irene’s simple boudoir. Then looked back at himself.

‘You’ll do’, he thought with a cocky snort. He was just running his fingers through his hair one last time when he heard screaming from down the hall. He ran out the door with terror twisting his gut. Nothing scared Angel, nothing!! She was fearless. But there she was screaming in the hallway, naked, her hands over her ears and looking into the bathroom.

‘Angel’ he cried running to her. And then he saw it…  Time slowed down. All he could do was stare, mouth agape, not able to breathe.

He didn’t know how long he stood there staring at the body lying on the bathroom floor. But he suddenly realised that Angel was still screaming.

He tried to shush her,

‘Angel…baby… Angel calm down, they’ll hear you in the agency!’ he tried to turn her away but she just kept screaming not able to tear her eyes away from the body. He couldn’t think with her screaming like that, so he slapped her viciously across the face forward and backhanded. She stared at him in shocked silence then collapsed into his arms sobbing.

‘She’s dead…Lydia’ she managed to say eventually through body wracking sobs.

Yes, lying on the bathroom floor. Dead soulless eyes staring out from her beautiful heart shaped face, lips turning blue and her famous chestnut brown hair tangled chaotically about her, was Lydia Graham, Stunners newest top model, and Angel’s protégée. But why was she here? In Irene’s Bathroom.

‘ Are you sure she’s dead hun?…’ He made to go check her pulse, but Angel suddenly pulled herself together, and grabbed him.

‘Stop’ she barked. Holding onto his wrist so fiercely it hurt. He turned to her questioningly.

‘Don’t…Its a crime scene’ she blurted.

‘But she might just be unconscious’ he went to check her pulse again. But she grabbed him tighter.

‘ Jesus!… Angel, you’re hurting me, I need to see’

‘She’s dead Adam, look at her eyes, and her lips are turning blue, we have to get out of here’. She looked at herself suddenly realising she was naked.

‘ I’ll get dressed, you, clear up any mess we might have made in the bedroom. ‘

‘ But what about Lydia…What about Irene ? ‘

‘ she’s FUCKING DEAD! Someone else will find her, and Irene is away, she can’t be implicated. But we can, so pull your self together. If anyone finds out we were here making love, well, you can imagine the headlines “Stark Family Incest Scandal…” ‘ she emphasized  each word with her hands.

‘I’m not going to let Irene take the wrap for this Angel, we have to call the police!’

Grabbing his wrist her nose wrinkled up in scorn

‘ Don’t be fucking stupid , they’ll split us up. Irene’s away on business, she has been since yesterday. That, there…Lydia, she died recently…she’s only just starting to turn blue. There’s no way Irene can get in trouble. Now go sort the fucking bedroom out…I’ll deal with this later!’

he looked at the poor wretched girl one last time and nodded. This was the Angel he knew, she was the strong one. She dragged him back to the bedroom and took control of the situation, all Adam could do now was follow, like he always did, but that was the pact. To never love another, and to follow each other into hell, if need be…


2 comments on “STUNNERS chapter 1

  1. David Morgan says:

    WOW! Go Jen!!!’

    When is the next bit coming eh?

    D x

  2. Joe says:

    Wow… Waiting for more!

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